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Advances in compact thermal imaging lens processing technology——SWLO

Nov. 05, 2021

The conventional processing technique is incapable of mass production

For the past few years, with the breakthrough of infrared detector material and packaging technique, in particular, the mature processing of 8μm pixel size detector has provided more cost-effective options for the market and has also driven the great market potential of smartphone accessories, smart building, etc, so that drives the demands for compact thermal imaging lens. But due to the small dimension and strict cost requirement, conventional processing technique is incapable of mass production.

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Sunny Infrared Optics was devoted to the SWLO development 

To solve this problem, Sunny Infrared Optics was devoted to the SWLO (the small wafer-level optical processing technology) development since the beginning of 2019. For the two years of experience accumulation, Sunny Infrared Optics successfully developed and realized mass production in 2021.

Basically, SWLO belongs to the molding technique which is similar to the WLO technique The difference is it could significantly reduce the mold investment while maintaining excellent lens performance. It is one of the key technology for the mass production of small-sized lenses in the future.

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Sunny Infrared Optics has solved many problems during the development of SWLO technology

Firstly, we designed a special array mold and the fabrication technique for the mold itself simultaneously, thereby reducing the cost.

Secondly, we solved the problem of unstable quality and low efficiency in molding processing. 

Thirdly, in the premise of quality assurance, we successfully gained a single small chalcogenide lens through high-precision scribing processing technology. Finally, we solved the problem of assembling and inspecting this small infrared lens by developing automatic assembly equipment.

We will be committed to the development of new products   

In the future, we will be committed to exploring the infrared field, increasing investment in R&D, and accelerating the development of new products and technology. We will also provide one-stop infrared thermal imaging lenses solutions, in line with market demand. 

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